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February 6, 2020 | posted by: index design | 2 min read

Why mall kiosks are key for your business?

Mall Kiosk businesses are booming. Here’s why:

A small space, upfront cost, and short-term commitment business as well as the presence of large traffic trespassing daily is just what you need to promote your business. And No, we don’t mean online stores. Today, Mall Kiosks account for nearly 10 percent of the entire mall sales and they continue to expand and boost fortunes for businesses, both big and small. Yes, mall kiosk might just do wonders to promote your business like never before.

If you’ve ever wanted to sell your product and services or promote your brand, malls in the UAE are an indispensable option especially considering the local climate, which is generally hot and humid during summer time, making families and friends to spend more time in and around malls.

Moreover, myriad events also drive copious amounts of traffic, such as the upcoming Dubai Shopping Festival and Expo 2020, where we witness the influx of a number of tourists and residents flooding the malls. While the term ‘Mall Kiosks’ are specifically tailored for shopping malls, they are not limited to them. One can set up kiosks at airport terminals, sporting events and a number of other public venues, which witness heavy footfall and attracts large crowds.

A Mall Kiosk can be as simple as a cart to a large custom-designed fabricated unit, that combines various distinct aspects of your brand and intimately blending them with the mall’s aesthetics, thereby creating a unique theme, made to perfection.

Furthermore, commonly available products in Mall Kiosks including electronic goods, food, perfumes, gift items, etc. ensure that you aren’t entering a shopping mall, with a high saturation and lower appetite for your product. It is highly critical that you properly evaluate the pros and cons and carefully position your product that is relevant to the customer base while setting up your kiosk and promoting your brand.

Additionally, a Kiosk doesn’t require a large commitment like a retail store; however, it does include a small upfront cost to acquire a space at the mall and fabricate the kiosk. The advantage of having a kiosk is paying a lower fee overall compared to your conventional retail store, with the same easy exposure to high traffic. Mall Kiosks are flexible, meaning they have the capability to be packed up and reallocated to a different setting, often utilized if you are operating a seasonal business during certain months.

The ideal position for your kiosk is another key successful driving factor and this can be done by placing the kiosks in strategic locations to attract the right customers. A kiosk that supplies consumer’s electronics accessories for cellphones and other devices would greatly benefit if it is positioned in close proximity to other electronic retail stores, as the traffic will be similar in kind, while bad positioning could greatly hinder and harm your business.

And so, if you have the perfect product and the ideal location, your next step is deciding a professional to work with you. Choosing the right professional is critical as you want the process to be as seamless as possible. Here, selecting someone with the right experience, who understands the underlying procedures and someone who will be able to help you achieve your goals by creating an inspiring design, quality construction, and exceptional service, will be greatly helpful.

INDEX Design works closely with you to meet all your requirements, ensures maximum exposure to draw in crowds and stands out amidst tough competition.

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