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NOVEMBER 19, 2019 | posted by: Index Design | 2 min read

Tradefest: use data to find the best trade shows for your business

When events like trade shows are properly optimized they are one of the most powerful sales channels, one that can dramatically influence a company’s bottom line.

Tradefest lists the biggest and best-known trade shows and events both in the US and around the world. It then goes one step further, tracking down previous attendees and exhibitors who have already been to these shows and asks for their honest feedback on how it worked out for them. Never miss an opportunity somewhere and always go where the action is. Thousands of reviews on trade shows in one place.

Here are 3 compelling reasons why you go and check out Tradefest now


Find new opportunities amongst the best industry trade shows and business events worldwide.


Read verified reviews and gain insights from thousands of attendees and exhibitors in your industry. Learn more about the different people, vendors and competitors that will be at each event.


See which attendees are going to the same trade shows and conferences. Start networking and schedule meetings prior to the event.

And finally, on every Tradefest event page, not only will you find everything you need to know about an event but there’s also an interactive map that’s connected with and Airbnb showing you all the hotels around the venue, so you can easily reserve your hotel or Airbnb for your next trade show, expo or convention.

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