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INDEX Design will deliver the project in a timely manner in accordance to the design approved by the client and specifications mentioned in this quotation. The date given above is the deadline for confirmation of your project for normal construction practices. For projects confirmed after this time period, INDEX Design reserves the right to either reject the job or if the work can still be undertaken, then to apply charges for the late order to cover extra working hours. In such cases where the late order is accepted, material options may change depending on availability.

Copyright Statement

All work is carried out by INDEX Design on the understanding that the client has agreed to INDEX Design’s terms and conditions. All Copyright is retained by INDEX Designs on all design work including ideas, words, pictures, illustrations and visuals, UNLESS specifically released in writing after all costs have been settled. The placement of an order for design and/or any other services offered by INDEX Design and validated by the client’s signature on the quotation form attached herein, constitutes acceptance of the quotation or estimate and agreement to fully comply with all the Terms and Conditions which forms a Contract for Business between the signatory and INDEX Design. All elements contained herein such as text, photographs, designs, graphics, images, publications, and all other intellectual property therein, including without limitation, all copyrights and trademarks, are the sole and exclusive property of INDEX Design. You may not reproduce, copy, create a derivative work/design from, imitate, sell, distribute, license or transmit in any form, including without limitation, any part of the design, and any other information set out herein without the prior written consent of INDEX Design, such permission to be granted or denied at INDEX Design´s sole discretion.

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