Stage Setup

We deliver stage and backdrop designs for events of all sizes, including lighting, special effects and more.


We expertise in providing innovative and custom-made stage solutions in the UAE for over two decades. As being one of the top stage design company in Dubai we understand that a good stage concept is a combination of technical knowhow on the lighting and sound disposition. With our qualified event professionals and the wealth of experience and skills we provide a complete staging solutions for Events and Conferences.  We ensure to use best material in the process of building exceptional quality stage in order for you to have a memorable experience. We cater to a divers arenas, whether it’s an event or a conference, a concert, outdoor or indoor occasion we expertise to delivery best stage solutions.

We think outside the big rectangular box that is the stage. The reason you have decided to install a stage in your event is to create a focal point for your audience. Our designers are experienced in creating bold designs that ensure that your audience’s attention is exactly where you want it.

With the help of a dedicated Account Manager to look after, we make sure your event is a definite success and adhering to standard of quality and safety.


We go beyond the standard event backdrop design. We design stages based on traffic management requirements. The elements used by our stage design company include:


  • Platform
  • Backdrop
  • Lighting
  • Audio Visual Equipment and Special Effects
  • Technical Support for the Duration of the Event

Looking for a quality and affordable Stage Design for your next project?