Covid-19 safety solutions

INDEX Design is now providing safety solutions.

Makeshift Hospital

Designed in collaboration with INDEX Healthcare Management, this modular wall system is ideal for the quick delivery of structures needed to build makeshift hospitals. Unlike other solutions in the market, our solution uses medically approved materials, designed to limit the spread of contagions, with optional antimicrobial curtains that offer additional protection and privacy.

The wall systems are ideal for the following uses:

  • Treatment Rooms
  • Isolation Rooms
  • Testing Stations
  • Triage
  • Shared Medical Services
Field Hospital
Testing Booth

Testing Booth

All around the world, constant testing has proven to be the most effective tool in combating the spread of the coronavirus. These booths are designed to facilitate swabbing; the most effective way to test for possible infections. The booths are design to streamline mass-testing and protect medical professionals by ensuring minimum contract with test subjects.

Sanitation Portals


The Sanitisation Portal is a practical answer to your sanitisation needs. Secure your premises and reassure your visitors against possible contamination by inviting them to take part of a 360-decontamination process through a gate tunnel – just like a hand sanitiser, only head-to-toe. The advanced misting system dispenses harmless biocides and virucides, used to disinfect and eliminate any potential contagions on human skin, clothes and belongings before entering a building. The Advantages of our solution include:

  • Attractive design, made with robust material that will stand prolonged outdoor use.
  • Transparent panels for a more comfortable experience.
  • Opportunity to brand the portal with colourful graphics or corporate branding.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Maximum coverage through a misting system that does not leave the user wet.
  • Automatic on-off using a motion sensor for a smooth experience.
  • Free-standing structure with an anti-slip platform that protects your flooring.
  • Wheel-chair accessible design.


In addition to the sanitisation feature of our basic option, the Advanced option includes additional features such as a hand-washing area with an automated soap dispenser, and provisions for a thermal camera and computer system for spotting possible infected persons before entering the building.

Waiting Area Screens

Whether in offices, public buildings or clinics and hospitals, waiting areas in public spaces host the highest density of people in one space at a time. Thanks to the high turnover of visitors in short periods of time, these spaces can be hot zones for the potential spread of contagions. Moreover, the layout of waiting areas imposes a challenge on social distancing. These detachable partitions, see-through screens offer an airy solution to keeping these vital areas running while staying true to the crucial role of social distancing during a pandemic. Our solutions feature:

  • A variety of designs suitable for different seating styles.
  • See-through panels that help eliminate the feeling of isolation.
  • Minimal or no damage to existing structures.
  • Optional motion sensors that alert human traffic controllers to available seats.

Counter Shields

Protect your frontline workers from potential contagions by installing these transparent screens at their workstations. This detached solution can be easily installed on any surface or counter where workers interact regularly with a high volume of customers, such as a reception desk or POS/cashier. The solution features:

  • Lightweight panels.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • A convenient opening for exchanging documents or payment.

Remote Working Desk

In these unprecedented times, where both students and the working force have been forced to work and study remotely, the remote working desk is a fast and affordable solution to setting up an office or working desk in the comfort of your own home. With no tools required, this flatpack yet sturdy desk can be set up in no time by following a few simple instructions. The desk features:

  • Modern and ergonomic design that works for every home.
  • Raw finish recycled wood that adds to the charm of the desk.
  • Quick delivery.
  • Tool-free assembly.
Remote Working Desk

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